Practical Foods is an Alkaline Vegan Meal Delivery Service inspired by the teachings of Dr. Sebi. Our focus is on providing gourmet meals that bring about true health. Here at Practical Foods, we embrace Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide and methodology and find great value in making meals that will nourish the bodies, minds, and souls of our community.

Terrence Redmond, Co-Owner of Practical Foods, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in November of 2011. After many years of dealing with the physical deterioration of his body and taking medication that worsened the illness, causing loss of function of his limbs & eyesight, he was forced to leave his job. Terrence was no longer able to perform the core functions of which the position relied on. Not too long after his departure, he crossed paths with someone who overcame the same disease, Tina. Terrence began to consult with Tina and she shared her wisdom on how to address the disease in an effort to eliminate it. He was excited and nervous when he began his healing journey and after completing his first 45-day detox and fast he became even more eager to continue with this lifestyle. Terrence began to feel his body returning to how it felt prior to his MS diagnosis. The nutritional guide was intimidating because he was unsure of where to purchase the foods and how cook them. The list of approved foods was rather limited and Terrence recognized the immense struggle it was to live this lifestyle. This is how Practical Foods was conceived!

Together with his wife and Co-Owner, Erica Redmond, Practical Foods is currently operating a meal prep and delivery service. Practical Foods also provides consultation services to people who want to make this lifestyle change to address diagnoses that aren’t being cured with medications and also come with harmful side effects.

At Practical Foods we understand the stigma that comes with the term vegan. We are often thrown under that label, however, We Do This Lifestyle Gourmet! We apply top notch culinary skills to the dishes we create that leave people astonished that they consumed a truly healthy meal absent of any animal by-products, processed foods, unnatural chemicals, or the use of GMO produce..

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